Useful Tricks for Writing and Avoiding Indecision (1d)

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I’ve written short stories, but have not finished the one I’ve been craving to explore.  Time and again some ‘thing’ always stops me from getting very far.  Usually, it’s been my indecisiveness.  I often ask myself:

“What if I make this character more troubled than I was originally thinking?”

“What if this new species I invented suddenly has this unique trait?”

Or I write a scene and can’t decide if it’s any good so I stop working on it.  I’ve only taken two writing courses, by my first writing course taught me some important tricks.  If you feel passionate about an idea, whether it’s for a few hours or days, it is worth documenting.  That’s not the trick though!

The Trick is in the Editing

When you look back on that one poem about that rabbit you saw you may or may not fall in love with it all over again, but you’ll have a better sense of what part is a good idea and what does not work.

When you come back to a work after some time has lapsed it is a lot like getting a second opinion.  You’re not in the same space you were in a month ago, and you’re new look might uncover something worthwhile. Edit the piece until you are satisfied then take a break from it for a couple of days and edit it again.  Or take it apart and use some of it in another work.

The bottom line is you must go back to your previous writing and give yourself the opportunity to make something great!  Things don’t come out that way. This way you won’t be giving up on yourself. 

The Trick is in the Writing

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Getting Your Inspiration Back (5d)

frustrated As I eat this wonderful chocolate chip cookie, I feel uninspired.  If you asked me why I couldn’t really give you a direct answer.  Maybe I feel this way because I’m eating yummy cookies when I’m trying to eat healthy.  Maybe it’s the shelf in my room–the one that holds the notebooks and folders filled with my ideas–that has grown eyes, and a mouth and is saying: “You never finish anything so why start trying now?” A smart woman once sang, “Change the voices in your head, make them like you instead.” Instead of thinking about all the ways something cannot be done, I am choosing to make a post about how I can, practically, get them done.

Getting Inspiration

Usually getting inspiration is a process that is incredibly personal.  In other words, the reason I lose inspiration in the first place is because of something that’s happening in my life. Then there are those things that are beneficial to more than one person.

  1. Writing on white boards, lined paper, blank paper or opening up a brand new document on word.  Sometimes changing up the way you write can make you realize you have the ideas all along you just need to change how you express them.  Large blank spaces especially tend to bring out some of my creativity.  These spaces remind me of looking at a stretch of untouched snow in the winter time.  When you see that snow you just want to mess it up somehow, by playing in it or making a snowman.  Even if you end up writing or drawing nonsense, the feeling of filling up a space and getting inner ideas out can be comforting. Continue reading