In Your Early 20’s: The Quarter-Life Crisis/Before Sunrise (2d)

So many people ignore the trials and tribulations of the 20-something.  And I get it.  No matter what we complain about an older person can say, “Trust me, wait ’til you’re my age.”  But there has been some recognition of what we go through. Some going as far as coining this point in the Westerners life with the term Quarter-Life Crisis; analogous to the popular Midife Crisis the quarter-life crisis generally refers to those in their late teens to early thirties.

Exchanges between early 20 something’s and ‘mature’ adults can be pretty tiresome from the former’s–and possibly the latter’s–perspective. A hypothetical situation:

You and a few older family members and/or friends are sitting around the dinner table.  Let’s say they’re talking about the bad state of the job market and how some guy is changing careers to a job that will increase his job security. 

You bud in and say, “God I don’t want that, you know, having some job just to make money.”

They look at you with a small knowing smile, shaking their heads unconsciously.  They say, “you do what you have to do to live comfortably.”

Perhaps you have been in a similar situation?

If you’re anything like me, at that point you feel an overwhelming dread sweep over you. Maybe they’ll be right in the end. Maybe in three years you’ll end up choosing the cushiony job instead of the one where you could help people.

There are just too many ifs.  We’re constantly told, “You have you’re whole life ahead of you.” But what does that mean exactly? Are we living for now or for ten years from now, and what constitutes really living?

Culture and The Quarter-Life Crisis

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