Shedding the Skin of the Essay (4c)

Blog Writing Course…where do I begin?

Here’s a perfect example of what years of essay writing can do to a person:

I have been consistently writing and learning how to write essays for over 6 years and just recently I’ve taken a blog writing course in the hopes to motivate myself to write creatively.

The result of my experience in the blog writing course so far?  Scrambling to learn how to reach such a diverse audience!

Now, getting into blog writing is obviously difficult for any beginner.  But lack of practical assistance in different writing forms really puts me behind.

Mistakenly, I approached my first three blog posts the way I would an essay:

  1. I chose a topic that interested me
  2. In a brainstorming chart I added ideas that corresponded with this topic
  3. I thought of a main point that I would try to make and tried to fit this point into paragraphs.

Wrong, wrong, and WRONG.

The result was an uninteresting mess.

Technical writing and my passion, creative writing, require a different commitment.  The commitment to rigorous organization that the essay calls for is not easy to forget when a writer tries their hand at blog writing or creative writing.

Essay Writing, Now What?

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